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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. The Druze congregation is unique and religious Falah, a Druze by definition is, a person who is born to Druze mother and father. The Druze religion strictly prohibits its men to marry women from other religion or community and vice versa, a man who deviates from this principle is banned from the congregation, therefore, they are forced to abandon their village, their nuclear family, and their houses and to live outside the village. A study which was conducted in included more than cases of Druze in an interracial marriage, 52 cases with Jewish women, 50 cases of marring Islamic women and 11 cases of marrying Christian women Youssef, Interracial marriage intermarriage is usually defined as a marriage between people of different religions, cultures, ethnicities or racial groups. It is a social phenomenon in which couples from different groups decide to raise a family outside the norms of their society Collet, These marriages place the couple out of their ethnic group, facing varied multicultural difficulties even within the extended family. In France, the rate of intermarriage is extremely high due to the high rate of immigrants in the country and the support and belief of the French society in pluralism and equality, yet, the society does not always accept immigrants, even though they are married to French citizens, as full-fledged citizens. Therefore, only one of the spouses holds a citizenship and full civil rights, while the other spouse suffers restrictions in aspects such as accommodation, banking, political involvement, etc.

Daring Druze Director Tackles Intermarriage Taboo

The Druze are about 1. One way the Druze try to preserve their heritage is by marrying within their faith. Since conversion to the faith is prohibited , Druze communities tend to be close-knit and cling on to their customs, according to Bou Ayash. Bou Ayash admits that on a subconscious level, he thinks he is looking for a Druze partner. Because of how small a minority the Druze are, he explained, engagement with outsiders is discouraged and acts as a form of self-preservation.

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The Epistles of Wisdom is the foundational text of the Druze faith. Although dwarfed by other, larger communities, the Druze community played an important role in shaping the history of the Levant , where it continues to play a large political role. As a religious minority in every country in which they are found, they have frequently experienced persecution. Even though the faith originally developed out of Isma’ilism , Druze do not identify as Muslims. They are found primarily in Syria , Lebanon and Israel , with small communities in Jordan.

The oldest and most densely-populated Druze communities exist in Mount Lebanon and in the south of Syria around Jabal al-Druze literally the “Mountain of the Druzes”. Before becoming public, the movement was secretive and held closed meetings in what was known as Sessions of Wisdom. During this stage a dispute occurred between ad-Darazi and Hamza bin Ali mainly concerning ad-Darazi’s ghuluww “exaggeration” , which refers to the belief that God was incarnated in human beings especially ‘ Ali and his descendants, including Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah , who was the caliph at the time and to ad-Darazi naming himself “The Sword of the Faith”, which led Hamza to write an epistle refuting the need for the sword to spread the faith and several epistles refuting the beliefs of the ghulat.

In ad-Darazi and his followers openly proclaimed their beliefs and called people to join them, causing riots in Cairo against the Unitarian movement including Hamza bin Ali and his followers. This led to the suspension of the movement for one year and the expulsion of ad-Darazi and his supporters. Although the Druze religious books describe ad-Darazi as the “insolent one” and as the “calf” who is narrow-minded and hasty, the name “Druze” is still used for identification and for historical reasons.

In , ad-Darazi was assassinated for his teachings; some sources claim that he was executed by Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

Lebanese Druze

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Stateless but rooted: Resistance, land and landscape in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Intermarriage among Druze Men in Israel. Affiliation usa. The Druze congregation is unique and religious Falah, a Druze by definition is, a buzz who is born to Druze society and father. The Druze religion strictly prohibits its men to marry women from other buzzarab or usa and vice druzelink, a dating who deviates from this druzelink is banned from the congregation, therefore, they are forced to abandon their usa, their holy family, and their houses and to live outside the druzelink.

the Druze are an esoteric, endogamous, and non-proselytising religious community (Kastrinou, ). With historical roots dating to the 11th.

What is her secret? Her brother, who moved abroad a decade ago, married and later separated from a non-Druze woman, and has a child with her. Only certain members of the Druze community can study the faith’s holy texts and take part in prayer, and a person is only considered Druze if both their parents are Druze. The local Druze community, which totals some , members, according to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, is especially conservative when it comes to matters of intermarriage, according to a Druze educator who also asked to remain nameless.

The movie, which recently began to be screened in local theaters, also happens to be the first-ever feature about the Druze by an Israeli Druze. Their arrival results in the ouster of his mother from the local place of worship; her house is blanketed in threatening graffiti and someone throws a brick through her window. Aduan says he personally knows cases of Druze men intermarrying, and what it has cost them. Cases of Druze men having non-Druze girlfriends or marrying outside the faith are reportedly more common than similar instances involving Druze women, who may risk their lives by becoming involved with outsiders, but it is hard to put a figure on the phenomenon.

A scene from the film ‘Arabani’ Photo by Amit Berlovetz. According to Prof. Naomi Weiner-Levy, a social psychologist from Jerusalem’s David Yellin College of Education, 10 years ago there were around cases of Druze men intermarrying, and four known cases involving Druze women. Of these, three were murdered, she says.

Druze women aim to break glass ceiling

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Dating to Save Your Tiny Religion From Extinction If a Druze marries a non-​Druze, it will not be a Druze wedding, nor can the couple’s.

Account Options Accedi. Nuove uscite. DruzeLink DruzeLink Incontri. Aggiungi alla lista desideri. Tradurre la descrizione in Italiano Italia utilizzando Google Traduttore? Ritraduci la descrizione in Inglese Stati Uniti Traduci. Our religion is built on culture, tradition, and trust.

10 things Druze are tired of hearing, according to one girl

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Despite increasing interest in genetics of the population structure of the Druze, their population history remains unknown. We investigated the genetic relationships between Israeli Druze and both modern and ancient populations.

There is a tradition in the Druze community dating back to the 11th made headlines in December when she became the first non-Jewish.

JNS Apr 18, Business 0. T here is a tradition in the Druze community dating back to the 11th century that calls for complete loyalty to the government of the country in which they reside. In fact, the recently dissolved 20th Knesset included five Druze Knesset members. Still, the Druze community — an Arabic-speaking, ethno-religious group numbering , — has been left to evaluate its place in Israeli society following the passage of the Jewish nation-state law.

The Druze are Israeli citizens, but not Jewish. They are Arabs, but not Muslim. Breaking the glass ceiling — or at least, attempting to reach it — for Druze women is currently in the news. Gadeer Mreeh, a Druze woman, made headlines in December when she became the first non-Jewish woman to anchor a Hebrew-language news broadcast at the Israel Public Broadcasting Corp. Wahaba, who hails from an entrepreneurial family in Beit Jann, began studying at Ono in The first class included 60 students studying information systems.

Almost seven years later, Beyahad boasts students studying in many fields. To ease them into college life, tuition fees are lowered and buses are provided from their homes in the Galilee, a two-hour bus ride. Exam dates are changed so as not to fall on Druze holidays, and permission is granted for translators to help students during exams since Hebrew is not their first language.

Wahaba explains that while other institutions rejected the initiative out of hand, Ono understood the importance of the project and its added social value.

Looking for Love in One of the World’s Tiniest Religions

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Finding a life partner is hard enough for anybody. Members of the Druze faith face an added pressure: keeping the religion alive. The faith is thought to have about 1. But an exodus of people fleeing wars in those countries has fueled a small but growing diaspora. There are about 30, in the United States, with the largest concentration in Southern California. While the Internet has made it easier for Druze to connect with each other — Kaedey met her husband on social media — growing contact with the outside world has increased the chances that members will marry outside the faith.

That is a path to extinction, because the religion does not accept converts and in its more conservative strands rejects children of mixed marriages. And so the future of the Druze faith may depend not only on pairing up its youth — a community effort — but also on whether the religion itself can make accommodations to the modern world. As religions go, the Druze faith is not especially old, having been formed roughly 1, years ago. It accepted the prophets of Islam and Christianity and incorporated elements of Greek philosophy and Gnosticism.

Unlike other forms of Islam, it embraced reincarnation, allowed women to become religious leaders, banned men from having multiple wives and did not mandate prayer at set times or places. Its most important early promoter was Al Hakim bi-Amrillah, the sixth leader of the Fatimid Caliphate that spanned a large area of North Africa and the Middle East and had its capital in Cairo. After his mysterious disappearance, his followers in Egypt were exterminated.

Druze Dating Usa – Looking for Love in One of the World’s Tiniest Religions

The title Druze Arab. Some Druze families also reside in Beirut, where the judiciary and administrative center of the community has its headquarters. In Israel, Druzes live in the Galilee and Carmel Mountain regions, with smaller numbers in other parts of the country. There are also a few thousand Druzes living in Jordan.

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Join over organisations already creating a better workplace. You can download this cultural profile in an easy-to-read PDF format that can be printed out and accessed at any time. The figure of the total population of each country is drawn from the global estimates listed in the CIA World Factbook , unless otherwise stated. All other statistical information on the demographics of the migrant population in Australia is based on the Australian Housing and Population Census. Lebanese Culture. Core Concepts.

The hierarchy and values differ between traditional families in Lebanon and the families that have lived in cities or internationally for many years. However, family cohesion and solidarity is considered to be fundamentally important to the Lebanese regardless of their family configuration. In collectivist cultures such as Lebanon, the family is seen as the basic unit of society — a unified singularity. The family individuals belong to can define their reputation, status and honour.

The act of an individual can impact the perception of the entire family by others. The interests of the family are expected to supersede those of the individual and loyalty such as preferential treatment is shown to fellow family members. Wealthy individuals are expected to financially assist less fortunate family members by providing job opportunities or sharing assets.

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