Women find single men with cats less attractive, new study suggests


Women are less likely to swipe right on male dating app users if they are pictured holding a cat, new research has found. I had to, folks. I had to! But in all honesty, I didn’t need the scientists at Colorado State University to conduct a study to tell me this news. This is like them conducting a study to tell me that the sky is blue or that the grass is green. Uhhhh, no duh? Girls don’t want crazy cat guys.


Ladies: Guys who like cats self. I decided to get a pet 2 years ago. I’m a single guy. A bachelor. I live in an apartment.

Can posing with a pet help men find dating success? Not if it’s a cat, scientists say.

What is it about my twin ragamuffin cats that proves such a turn-off for the opposite sex? The women were then asked how they would feel about the prospect of a casual date or long-term relationship with each of the men. But I was less shocked. When I adopted Bells and Archie in my mid-twenties, I was warned that my new feline friends could have a ruinous effect on my love life.

Cat-owners are perceived as introverts who prefer to spend time alone, I was told, whereas dog-owners are seen as sociable and outdoorsy. I spent a lot of time in my late twenties on dating apps like Tinder and Happn, and I always made sure to use at least one photograph of Bells and Archie on my profile. My work managing my startup Heights , a brain health and mental wellbeing service means many long, stressful hours spent alone.

Happy to leap onto my lap for a hug whenever I call their name, Bells and Archie proved the perfect company, doing wonders for my mental health. I wanted to make clear that we came as a non-negotiable package. Modern dating is hard, and as any Tinder user will know, you have to cycle through a lot of failed encounters before you find the right person. Anything that can short-circuit this process is very welcome. The cat photos also gave me an easy excuse when I failed to land a date: it must be because of my pets, I thought, rather than my looks or personality.

When we started dating, she found it hard to adapt to my pro-feline lifestyle. They quickly got fluff all over her favourite clothes – she has now learnt not to wear black.

Women less likely to swipe for men posing with cats on dating apps

By Doree Lewak and Jane Ridley. June 24, pm Updated June 24, pm. There are no cat dads in Norman Rockwell paintings, you know? Elsie gives me unconditional love. The Forest Hills-based Katz recalls one instance in which a date came back to his place, only to demand that he lock up Mischa in another room.

Did you know that people used to be really weird about what kind of pet each sex should have? It was thought that cats were for females, and.

Studies show cat lovers tend to be nonconformists, and they score higher on intelligence tests than dog lovers. A man who does not follow the rules of being a “man” also lives by the same values in the bedroom. By getting a cat, he’s committing to a potential year relationship filled with mood swings, scratched furniture and hair everywhere. By Christina Tolosa. The stigma of cat lovers has slowly faded away over years after the Internet made them famous.

But, the stigma about men owning cats still remains: They are unsexy. Cats are only affectionate toward their owners, and you must earn their love. What does that translate to? A man who is only into dogs does not work for love and chases the easy catches. Here are eight reasons why a cat man is boss: 1. Cat men are smart.

Cat men mean it when they say, “Netflix and chill. So when they invite you over to “Netflix and chill,” they truly mean it. Cat men respect moods.

5 Reasons to Date Guys With Cats

A recent study from Colorado State University suggested that women are less likely to swipe right on prospective male partners if the dating app profiles of those prospective male partners feature a photo of them posing with a pet cat. In the study, women between the ages of 18 and 24 were shown photos of two different male subjects both with and without a cat.

In both cases, the women tended to review the catless photos more favorably. Once the cat showed up, that number rose to 45 percent. This is bad news for everybody, not only because it is evidence that toxic gendered bullshit is still alive and well within the heterosexual dating community, but also because it means there is no end in sight for the relentless reign of dog Tinder. Please, straight men, if you want a cat, just get a cat.

Dating on apps is like playing a psychosexual card game with very strict personalized rules. I have been known to swipe left on a person for.

A recent study by Colorado State University suggests that women find men with cats less attractive. In an online survey, women responded to one set of photos of men alone and another set of the same men holding cats. They also rated the men on measures of masculinity and personality. Although previous research shows that women find pet owners more attractive and dateable than non-pet owners, the result of the Colorado State University study proves that it also depends on whether the woman self-identifies as a dog person or a cat person.

The photos shown to the women had two men, both of them rated by different sets of women. A total of women participated in the survey for the first subject, and a different set of women participated in the survey for the second subject. All the respondents were in between the age of 18 and 24 years. When the respondents saw the cat-free picture of one of the subjects, 38 per cent of them said they were likely or very likely to casually date him, while 37 per cent said they would consider a serious relationship with him.

But when shown a picture of the same man holding a cat, the numbers dropped to 33 per cent for each category. The percentage of women saying that they would never be interested in dating the subject also rose from nine per cent to 14 per cent. But the percentage dropped to 40 when he was alone. Deccan Herald News now on Telegram – Click here to subscribe.

Men with cats are a dating turn-off

Sorry fellas, the females just aren’t down for these kinds of furry friends. If you’ve got a mate who has a cat picture on his Tinder or Bumble profile, you better tell him to delete it – because it may be the reason girls keep swiping left. According to a study by Colorado State University, women are less likely to swipe right – or be inclinded to date men who own cats.

Are Smart. A recent study showed that people who identified as “.

We have cat-astrophic news for animal lovers: Men who like cats are less likely to get a date. Scientists showed hundreds of women photos of two men, both men pictured with and without a furry companion. By comparison, positive ratings for the second subject did not decline significantly when he was pictured with a cat — but women were more likely to rule him out as a potential partner. The findings are likely the result of long-held cultural stereotypes about cat and dog owners, the authors said.

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Looking for Love? That Photo With Your Cat Might Be Costing You Dates

Numerous strategies and tips exist for putting your best foot forward in an online dating profile. You should be seen with friends, enjoying the outdoors, and maybe in a snapshot with your beloved pooch. In two surveys, more than heterosexual women aged 18 to 24 were shown photos of two men, aged 20 and 21, who posed for photos with and without a cat in their arms. Cradling a cat had a negative impact across the board.

In the first survey, when one of the men was feline-free, 38 percent of respondents said they were likely or very likely to be receptive to a casual dating dynamic. A serious relationship was on the table for 37 percent.

You AND your bf need to watch ALL the episodes of My Cat From Hell featuring Jackson Galaxy. He has a Youtube channel too. He knows cats, he’s excellent.

I’ve been seeing this guy for over a month now. We live over an hour away, but we get together every week. He was always the perfect gentleman, nice and affectionate. Suddenly something changed, though. Now he seems distant. We haven’t talked about being a couple yet but we agreed on being exclusive sexually as soon as it happened. To my surprise, during a recent conversation with my girlfriend he said that we are just friends. I questioned him about it and he explained he wants to take it slow.

That is ok with me, but it was a big turn off — I would assume we are at least dating. I made it clear from the beginning that I’m not interested in a friends-with-benefits arrangement. Do you think I’m overreacting or is he trying to take advantage of me?

Guys Who Own Cats!!!

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